How to Post your Facebook Lookback Video


(Picture only, clicking won’t work)

Now that Facebook has won over everyone’s hearts with this pretty unique feature, you may have been left wondering how to post your Facebook Lookback video. For some users, myself included, you are able to post your Facebook Lookback video by simply clicking a green “share” box in the upper right-hand corner.

If you’re like my mother (and others), this option did not appear. If you were not given the option to post your Facebook Lookback video, try the following URL: 

Know that it will default to Friends Only for privacy and have its own text.

So there’s your SEO-heavy lesson on How to Post Your Facebook Lookback Video!

36 responses to “How to Post your Facebook Lookback Video

  1. I don’t think this is that unique as a few weeks ago my Instagram feed was flooded with my followers creating and uploading their best moments (on Instagram) video. Granted Facebook have ‘created’ these video’s for their users, whereas Instagram ‘best moments’ video’s were generated by users if they wished (and this wasn’t as quick as getting your Facebook ‘lookback’ video). But when I first saw people sharing their ‘lookback’ video’s my first reaction was…”Didn’t Instagram do something similar?”

      • Yes, but in a way I prefer that you got to generate your own IG video & wait to see what it’d turn out like…the wait was longer, but that built up suspense. Maybe I’m just not liking the Facebook ‘lookback’ video because it’s too similar to IG, but yes the price tag of IG would be influential. Facebook has a real competitor!

      • Not enough people are that comfortable with photos, or have that heavy of an interest in pictures. Def a diff generation though in high school and up

    • Darlene – as I noted, this appears to be an issue with accounts that aren’t heavily used or been around too long. I tried with a dummy acct that’s never updated but been up for 5+ years and saw the same. Sorry!

    • Now that’s interesting. Have you set up milestones in your timeline? This is the first I’m hearing of it. May also be if your updates are third party links versus original content?

      • I do have milestones. I have tried the link on FB that appears with everyone else’s and outside links. I did however, have a friend last night who couldn’t get it and today it worked so maybe there is an overload or something, Going to keep trying,

      • I don’t thing the 5+ years has anything to do with it. I think FB is just overwhelmed because my kids have been on less time then me and they got the video. All I get is six pictures and no video. I even had my sister try and she couldn’t get it to work either.

  2. It gave me video once but didnt allow me to share and now it only shows 6 pics. Anyway to have this reset for myself and others who had this problem? I really would like to share this video…HELP

    • Kelly, let me dig and see if anything comes up. I’d recommend logging out and back in throughout the day to see if it’s a server issue on Facebooks end

  3. I have a question for you….I came across a code extractor for the Facebook Lookback video….i pasted, saved & downloaded, but now I have a thumbnail file of my pics and the Facebook Lookback coding. Any ideas how to download to a video to my facebook page?

    • You would need to get a root movie/video file and then upload it into an album. If you give it a few days, one will likely emerge as an option but with the materials you got with the code extractor, it’s not a simple process.

  4. My lookback video is not coming up. All my friends had no problem. I have tried for 6 days! Why is this happing? PLEASE HELP!! I am very disappointed. Please respond

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