Facebook’s New ‘Create Call-to-Action’ Button

As someone who lives within the social media pages of the company I work for, I was admittedly surprised to find a new option available on Facebook. Facebook’s new “Create Call-to-Action” button, visible at the top of the Page within the banner, is an effective new way to steer visitors directly to a CTA of your choice. Using this tool can effectively steer traffic to sign-up forms and is a great new addition for ‘form-based’ businesses.

So what is this new “Create Call-to-Action” button? For the most part, it’s an extension of the About section and represents a new opportunity to drive traffic for brands outside of the boilerplate www website.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.50.46 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.52.16 PM

When you create a new Call-to-Action button on Facebook, you are given several options. Each of these options is intended to allow brands to customize based upon their own business model and include ‘Book Now,’ ‘Contact Us,’ ‘Use App,’ ‘Play Game,’ ‘Shop Now,’ ‘Sign Up’ and ‘Watch Video.’ Each of these options is intended for a core business purpose but also allows for a unique CTA. While it would be nice for a ‘Learn More’ component, similar to Facebook ads’ own customizable button, these options allow for businesses to easily direct traffic rather than redirect to a catch-all website.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.53.21 PM

The mobile options built into the new Call-to-Action button on Facebook are intended to allow for optimized user experience and are a nice, perhaps unnecessary, touch. That customization is allowed based upon Apps and Mobile device (iOS/Android) shows the versatility allowed with the Call-to-Action button. What remains to be seen is if there are varieties of CTAs available.

In my humble opinion, the department/division most impacted by this new Create Call-to-Action button on Facebook is customer service. Placing a direct link to the customer service division within the Contact Us heading allows for fast, efficient delivery of customers to an area that can help. What’s more, this will also help empower Customer Service to be a gatekeeper of incoming contacts and distribute to Marketing those leads most effectively handled by that department.

What’s your experience been with Facebook’s new “Create Call-to-Action” button?


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