List of 2015 Social Media Marketing Conferences

I’ve found it, quite ironically, difficult to get a quality list of upcoming Social Media Marketing Conferences for 2015… perhaps due to competing SEO teams… or just BecauseTheInternet. Regardless, here is a list of Social Media Marketing Conferences that may be of interest to marketing and social media professionals looking to attend an event and learn more in this field:
SMX West 2015
March 3-5 – $1700 + travel (San Jose, CA)


Summit Digital Marketing Conference (Adobe)
March 9 – 13 – $1900 + travel (Salt Lake City, UT)


Social Media Marketing World
March 25-27 – $1250 + travel (San Diego, CA)


Canadian Internet Marketing Conference
March 28 – $470 + travel (Squamish BC, Canada)


Digital Summit
April 1-2 – $245 + travel (Charlotte, NC)


2015 Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference
April 13-15 – $1900 + travel (San Diego, CA)


Social Media Strategies Summit
April 28-30 – $1400 Non-profit rate (register by 2/27) + travel (Chicago)


Digital Summit
May 19-20 – $245 + travel (Atlanta, GA)


Content Marketing World 2015 –
Sept 8-11 – $1800 + travel (Cleveland, OH)


SMX East 2015
Sept 20-Oct 1 – Price not set


Are there any quality Social Media Marketing Conferences not listed above? Let me know and I’ll add it.


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