The Need for Consistent Social Media Posting

While effective social media involves being innovative, unique and (perhaps most important) authentic, there is still a need to remain top of mind in order to achieve your brand’s goals for a digital presence. Aside: If you don’t have defined goals that go beyond KPIs (Key Performance Indicators – stats basically), stop what you are doing and circle back to your foundation. But with those goals comes a need to stay in constant contact to avoid falling behind by the next big thing. This focus of being regularly present on the channels your audience frequent is the heart of why consistent social media posting is the base of any successful campaign/platform.

But this thing, “consistent social media posting,” requires more than regular updates. This might seem to be a contradiction but, instead, it is a focus on quality. The key components of a successful social media platform involve a base of three essential things:

  • Staying true to the brand (voice, tone, information, values)
  • Effective delivery
  • Providing value

So what does this mean? In short, digital updates that leaves the audience unchanged from before they came to your page is a failure and is solely frequent posting, not consistent social media posting. Instead, your content, even if it’s third-party shares of an interesting link, story, photo, etc., should educate the brand in some way about who your organization is, or at least furthers their understanding of what you are about. You may not be able to incorporate your brand into the lifestyle of your customers but, via education, you can at least provide them something they were lacking, which is rewarded by interest and, in a more digital-facing way, repeat visitors.

The power of furthering your audience’s perception and awareness is undeniable. If your social media updates are able to reach your audience and further brand goals, you are a step closer to generating customers, much less advocates or ambassadors. That each witness to your consistent social media postings have the ability to ‘carry the torch’ so to speak and amplify your message is why staying true to the brand is essential; if visitors to your channel are getting the wrong idea or information about your brand based upon your social media posts, you have failed and perhaps caused detriment to your organization.

The final components are simple: if your social media postings are not being put across in an effective manner, that rewards the audience for their participation (because digesting your post, let alone Liking or Following your account, is a measure of trust deserving your best!), you have failed. It’s as simple as that.

So even if you have the ability to create great videos once a month or occasionally have a viral moment from time to time, build an editorial calendar to stay in touch with your audience. If you are selling something, this helps bridge the gap between sales or whatever ‘a win’ looks like to you; if your brand is focused on services or contract work, consistent social media posting can help the audience understand how your work for them fits into their lives.

Photo Credit: Yosomono

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