Tweetdeck Virus / Coding Hack Ripping Through Twitter


A Tweetdeck virus or coding hack is running rampant through Twitter today. As you can see below, this Tweetdeck virus is able to force RTs from accounts, presumably with zero action, to tremendous results. Accounts like the Detroit Tigers‘ fell victim to the piece, showing this was not an issue of lazy practices by brand managers/users but, instead, a Tweetdeck virus impacting all accounts equally.

The vulnerability appears to be involving script tags within text areas.

A screenshot of the Tweetdeck virus/coding hack:


How Twitter responds to this Tweetdeck virus will be interesting but this appears to be one of the first times in which we have seen an account be able to make a significant, real impact on social accounts worldwide. This particular Tweetdeck virus/vulnerability does not appear to be causing more RTs (39K still at 1 PM EST) but the account still remains Live with Favorites building.

Perhaps more interesting than how Twitter responds to this is how the ‘hack’ community responds in terms of searching for additional vulnerabilities and ‘fun’ like this.

UPDATE 1:22 PM: It appears Tweetdeck has been shut down in response to this Tweetdeck virus/vulnerability, likely due to the potential for similar scripts to be quickly deployed by other accounts.  

UPDATE 1:34 PM: TweetDeck has responded with the following:

However, the service is still down and the fix has not been implemented.

UPDATE 2:38 PM: Access to Tweetdeck appears to have resumed.

UPDATE 3:35 PM: There appears to have been a series of incidences involving this vulnerability. The Verge reports that a user at 11:05 EST brought the vulnerability to light before it manifested into the problem discussed above.

Updating as more information becomes available.

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